Kirsty has been involved in the world of genealogy from a very early age. With her mother, she researched her maternal family history from the 1980s and soon found the fascinating surname of Sillifant in her paternal lineage which took her considered attention. Kirsty has continued from a rookie to a fully-fledged professional genealogist, business owner, heir tracer, TV/radio personality, Genealogy Show Director, and more besides.

Kirsty’s company, Family Wise Limited, is now one of the leading heir tracing companies and the only family history company with a High Street presence in the UK. Leaving her former career as a Mathematics and Science teacher in 2013, she has appeared on Qui-Etes Vous? (Who Do You Think You Are?) in Canada, researching the English roots of the opera singer, Marc Hervieux and in 2016, one of Kirsty’s success stories of 2015 featured on the second series of the BBC’s Family Finders.

Kirsty now employs more than thirty staff the world over and is a world-renowned speaker offering over 100 lectures to audiences of all levels.